nowhere to go

by Mulholland.

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released May 7, 2017

Written/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Mulholland.

Vocals- Sean Mckeown
Guitar- Daniel Lopez
Guitar- Asher Smith
Bass/vocals- Landen Ghen
Drums- Tyler Low



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Mulholland. California

Hardcore/Punk band from Ventura County, California.

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Track Name: Lifetaker
I've got a problem
I need help
I can't relate to anyone else
The world's looking grey
I'm rotting away
Please save me from myself

I've got a passion
For indifference
I feel nothing
And nothing is different
The world's looking grey
I'm rotting away
Please take this life from me

Take this life
Take this life from me

When did we become the enemy
Track Name: Crutches
You are
Born into a solid crutch
Preaching from the same old book
Born into a solid crutch
Preaching from the same old book

Copy paste

I'm not looking for
I'm not looking for
A fucking crew

I'm just content
To create
Track Name: I Just Woke Up
Bring me the destruction
Before the isolation

Is better
Than anything

Life without a promise
Regret the thought of me
Locking the door
Before I leave
The burning moon
Is all I see
Life without a promise
Regret the thought of me

I don't wan't to suffer

Bring me the destruction
Before the introduction
Track Name: Dawn Of Man
I saw the sun rise
I felt the earth slow down
I heard the loud cries
Of the broken ground

You are the light
Which I am deprived
You are the life
Which I am deprived

Crawling through the years
It remains unclear

Empty eyes
Breed hopeful lies

I have this dream
Of your face
And the sea
The old man that I'll soon be
My heart caved in and lonely

I have this dream

You said we could live forever
I'm a ghost
Track Name: St. Francis
I can not feel the pain
I can not feel the sting
As you
Rip out my heart

I can not take a breath
I can not live this this
As you
Ruin our lives

The killing smile
Spewing bile
I can't endure
Your face any more

Kill me
Take me

The rose candle
Flickers and melts
Drops of heat
Down my spine

The melting flower
The rotting flesh
Forever numb

Forever numb

Death to love
Love to death
Track Name: Blisters
My skin blisters for

My skin blister for

A constant strife is my life

My voice is coarse
Bleeding in
A heartless room

A stone skipping
The glass
Of the sea
Inside of me

I've been looking for a place to call my own
I've been longing for some worth inside these bones

And honestly
I would hate myself
But I don't know
Who I am
Track Name: American Lobotomy
You fear the invisible
And not the tangible
A man with an ego
And no sense of self
You're setting a fire underneath your feet
Can't smell the fumes and you ignore the heat

Step on our throats
Kill our weak

This is the dream
Can't take it back
Waiting for another heart attack.